By Ecom | Pure Calming Ampoule
By Ecom | Pure Calming Ampoule
By Ecom | Pure Calming Ampoule
By Ecom | Pure Calming Ampoule
By Ecom | Pure Calming Ampoule
By Ecom | Pure Calming Ampoule
By Ecom | Pure Calming Ampoule
By Ecom | Pure Calming Ampoule
ByEcom | Pure Calming Ampoule 30ml | Shop Mujer Bonica

By Ecom | Pure Calming Ampoule

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Pure Calming Ampoule 30ml for sensitive and troubled skin

  • The first ampoule to give a pure calming effect quickly with high-content humectant ingredients and various kinds of high-grade botanical extracts.
  • By Ecom's pure calming ampoule has a water-gel formula that effectively and efficiently soothes and calms irritated skin. It is also highly effective for dry skin and troubled skin such as blemishes, redness and acne.
  • Developed in-house by Ecom through long-term testing with high-grade ingredients the calming ampule provides a fresh after feel once applied without feeling oily or heavy. Quick absorption and fresh after feel without being oily combats troubled skin and is immediately replenished with moisture.
  • Made with all good ingredients from EWG Green level ingredients such as Centella Asiatica, Portulaca and Chamomile extracts, to high-quality EGF. In addition, Hyaluronic Acid & Micro-peptide enhances skin's water shield.

Quick absorption and fresh after feel a thing oily and troubled skin should need is immediate replenishment of moisture.

We recommend this for people with:

  • Moisture-deficient oily skin that needs a lightweight moisturizing care.
  • Weak skin that is sensitive to skin stress and external conditions.
  • Systematic oil and moisture care for frequent troubles such as acne, blemishes and redness.

All the Good Ingredients from centella asiatica extracts, portulaca extracts and chamomile extracts to high-quality reproductive ingredient EGF that costs tens of millions of won per gram. Safe Prescriptions All the ingredients in EWG green level, 0.000 non-stimulating result of skin irritation test. Hyaluronic Acid & Micropeptide by enhancing water shield, it makes horny layer flexible.

How to Use
  1. Apply the ampoule to the skin texture.
  2. Please cover your face with your hand temperature to increase absorption.

In case the product is sold out, it is also available for pre-order. 

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