Some By Me | Spot Patch
Some By Me | Spot Patch

Some By Me | Spot Patch

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SOME BY ME™ is a Korean brand which offers a wide range of both practical and trendy product solutions ranging from skincare and hair care to makeup. The brand supports the no-animal-testing regulation as they also value a cruelty-free label on all of their cosmetic products. They take pride in all of their highly known products and their positive effects on everyone around the world.


  • The transparent patch that completely hides skin flaws. The transparent texture doesn’t stand out on the face and is simple to use on both bare face and with makeup. It’s also very easy to attach and take off.
  • Quasi-drugs for protecting wounds. It prevents secondary infection and worsening of wounded areas and skin troubles.
  • Ultra-thin type to express natural makeup. With light, lusterless and ultra-thin type patch, it naturally hides the troubled areas and expresses natural-looking makeup. 
  • Size: 9 x 10mm + 9 x 12mm


  • Shields damaged and injured the skin.
  • Prevents bacteria from further infecting wounds.
  • Helps speed up healing and recovery. Won’t be visible under makeup.
  • Excellent in covering up lesions or cuts. 
  • Effective for the trouble spot since it is a translucent patch and has water resilient possibility to protect the scar.


Lavender, Salicylic acid, Eucalyptus oil, Tea tree oil, and Peppermint

How To Use

  • Clean out the spot and dry to put the patch on.
  • The spot area will be swollen due to the exudation.
  • The swollen will go down once the scar has recovered.
  • Take off the patch from the edge

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